Berry – Formal Garden


Step into the elegance of a crafted sanctuary that seamlessly blends classical design with modern sensibilities. This refined space is defined by its symmetrical layout, featuring lush boxwood hedges that frame perfectly manicured flower beds. The garden’s centerpiece is a stunning stone fountain, its gentle cascades create a tranquil soundscape and microclimate that invite relaxation and reflection.

A network of stone pathways guides visitors through the garden, revealing a harmonious arrangement of seasonal blooms and perennials that provide continuous color and interest. Tall, sculpted topiaries and urns filled with vibrant annuals add vertical interest and a touch of sophistication. At the far end of the courtyard, a charming pergola draped with climbing roses offers a shaded seating area, perfect for quiet contemplation or intimate gatherings.

The formal courtyard garden also incorporates sustainable practices, such as native plant selections and a water-efficient irrigation system, ensuring the garden remains as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful. Strategically placed lighting accentuates key features, creating a magical ambiance after dusk.

The Oak filled formal courtyard garden is not just a visual delight, but a sensory experience that exudes timeless elegance and serene beauty, providing a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.