Berry – Front Yard


Oak trees give respite from the hot Texas sun in this redesigned haven. A transformative landscape redesign elevates curb appeal through the captivating charm of a mature oak trees. This enchanting grove features a winding stone pathway bordered by vibrant, drought-tolerant plants, guiding visitors to a welcoming entrance. A circular bench around the oak provides a shaded retreat, complemented by lush understory plantings. By reducing lawn and replacing it with sustainable ground covers and decorative elements, water is saved, while curved flower beds and flowering shrubs add bursts of color and seasonal interest. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of native plants, efficient drip irrigation, and discreet composting areas. This project not only beautifies the property but also fosters environmental stewardship, making it a delightful and responsible outdoor space. Experience the perfect blend of nature and design with the Oak Haven Front Yard Revitalization.