Bolsover – Street Appeal

Built, Residential

This single-family home located in South Hampton, Texas features a lush garden landscape redesign. The garden expresses a vibrant mixed color hue focusing on being visually stunning in all seasons with a longer lasting street appeal.

The outdoor space was greatly enhanced by the addition of a grill and patio lounge area which created an enticing and inviting space for guests as well as residents. An intricate fence with cubby holes provided vacancy for planters allowing the space to flow seamlessly with its surrounding nature. The addition of elements like decorative furniture allows for relaxation in this reimagined outdoor area.

A Japanese gate as an entryway to a scent garden refuge was added to this residential landscape design, as well as a small sustainable fishpond and waterfall including a hammock lounge area all creating a peaceful outdoor area that is beneficial to its surrounding environment as well as the property’s residents.

In addition, the front entryway had a complete revamping including repainting, new entry signage, planter restoration, and renovation of the front retaining wall to successfully enhance this property’s first impression and create a more enticing street appeal to the surrounding community. Attractive outdoor lighting was intricately placed to enhance charm and accentuate the structure’s environment as well as its current architecture.

A unique and successful attempt was made on this residential landscape project, due to the lush but disorganized existing garden, to repurpose existing plants and vegetation where possible and increase this property’s sustainability factors and heighten its natural elements.

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