Concept, Residential

This single family home in the Meyerland area desired a new aesthetic solution to block the views from the home’s patio and pool area to the neighbors houses and unsightly utilities, while bringing the feeling of a tropical vacation into the everyday lives of the family.

A new, vibrant, tropical planting scheme was designed to tie the pool and planting beds closely together, instead of unused, high maintenance, lawn space giving the ambiance of  a tropical resort.

Many rooms for outdoor entertainment were added to fit the needs of a variety of seasons and weather conditions. A new deck was added with a new pergola to add a comfortable gathering area out of the sun and a space to do outdoor grilling on a new gas grill.

An extension to the patio space that existed was added to tie together the two spaces and create a more open feeling. The new room is seperated from the yard with planter walls adding the utility of a home herb garden close to the grill and kitchen.