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This family home, in the Meyerland area of Houston, Texas, underwent an intensive residential outdoor landscape design. This project provided the ability to bring life back to a flood prone, low use, outdoor space.

An overall regrading and drainage channel system were installed to mitigate the storm water flows that threatened the house and to innovatively redesign the sustainability of the residence.

The addition of a new deck provided a gathering space and entertainment area. The inclusion of a fire pit lounge allowed for a new outdoor courtyard room for the family. This family complex could now have an extension to recreation and present opportunities for more relaxation, leisure, play or entertainment.

A Sustainable Courtyard and Garden

A dynamic Texas natives garden and new aesthetic centerpieces in key locations highlight and nurture the surrounding architecture of the home. Evidently, the planting and garden design is allergy sensitive and provides seasonal color throughout the year. Within this residential landscape design process, the importance of the environment, sustainability, native planting, and water conservation was carefully considered.

In addition, an argyle lattice structure was designed to grow a vertical green wall element in complement to the brick texture within the courtyard. This landscape detailing was able to preserve the historical landscape and architecture while also adding an element of personality and enhancing aesthetic.

While preserving the necessary lawn space for the family dogs, vegetable planters and an easily collapsible batting cage were installed. This allows for the enjoyment of the family’s children while bringing new use for outdoor recreation to the entire property. This outdoor landscape design engineered a unique environment for sustainability through storm water management. Additionally, a new use of recreation was created in this residential outdoor landscape design.

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