Gilpin – Xeriscape


Gilpin – Xeriscape

This corner-lot, historic home underwent a beautiful makeover and repurposing. This project clearly showed an effort to be prudent to the local environment and sustainable in regard to upkeep and cost to maintain. There was also a focus on xeriscape street appeal as the theme of the exterior yard spaces.

Minimal maintenance, biodiversity and reliability of water were all carefully considered for this xeriscape street appeal design process. Additionally, water-conserving and drought tolerant landscaping ideas and elements were implemented to ultimately increase curb appeal as well.

Minimal maintenance, nature scaping and sustainability were engineered by bypassing the need for irrigation within this property. Subsequently, the natural elements of the environment remained intact in this suburban landscaping design process.

Using a variety of native and well acclimated species, the terrain was made to appear as a dry river basin. This specific element is natural to the landscape’s environment. Evidently, the spaces of the front, back and side yard are all tied together giving a powerful sense of connection with an emphasis on consideration to the local climate.

The project contains a reflection of the material and color schemes of the existing historic home. Specifically, this residential xeriscape street appeal redesign includes a palette of local and natural materials. These were carefully selected to bring out the beauty and style best suited for the client’s aesthetic and the architecture of the home. The design process included the combination of plants that have variable seasons of interest as well as thoughtfully crafted outdoor lighting. This allowed for the garden to provide color and intrigue throughout the entire year.

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