Lake Whitney Compound – Phase 1

Concept, Masterplan

Lake Whitney Compound – Phase 1

Located on the edge of Lake Whitney, this five-house family compound features the addition of a new lake house and accompanying lodge that overlook a grand view of the lake. Additionally, three renovated homes at the front of the property were also included. This family compound included a pool and patio design that successfully created private lake views with ample opportunities for entertainment and leisure.

The view of the lake is escalated by this unique family compound outdoor living design. Clearly, this is a view no one else can have. The additional lodge and three other renovated homes were enhanced and brought back to life in this design process.

Phase one of the project looked to create a central recreational space for the family’s main residence. Evidently, it provided additional social spaces that would add to this compounds purpose. These improvements include unique additions like an infinity pool, spa, fireplace lounge area, full outdoor kitchen, and a well-maintained lawn area. All of these elements provide opportunities for relaxation as well as entertainment.

Creating a space for recreation and outdoor activities allows for this family residence to succeed its neighbors in entertainment. Clearly, gatherings with family and friends are a desirable part of living with such a view. Additionally, consideration of the client’s needs were clearly integrated throughout this family compound landscape design process.

Environmental Factors:

In addition, a grand entry water retention and micro-climate feature were added to create an incredible entry approach. Adding these elements also allow for the property to take advantage of the prevailing southern winds. Evidently, there is now an ability to hold and re-purpose runoff from the site for irrigation. These innovations continue to engage elements from the compound’s surroundings and environment.

The environment and sustainability were carefully considered in this family compound pool and patio design, with the client in mind, to not take away from the surrounding conditions but to only add to it.

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