Larimer Town Homes


This townhome HOA came together to re-imagine and repurpose a dilapidated street frontage to increase curb appeal while promoting the process of xeriscaping in this townhome landscape design. Collaboration was important to the current community and this design process was able to bring these HOA members together to decide on their perfect outdoor landscape ideas.

The design features xeriscaping, native plants, vine covered facades and a focus on 4-season interest. Xeriscaping allows for less use of water and includes the use of plants that have requirements specific to the local climate. This suburban landscape design considers the natural surrounding environment within the property’s nature scaping and xeriscaping techniques.

The importance of minimal maintenance landscaping and low necessity for water was elevated in this project as its important in this local area. Native planting, the consideration of water conservation and attentiveness to drought tolerance were clearly emphasized in this townhome landscape design process.

Collaboration from the community was clearly emphasized within this landscape design and provided increased participation for those that currently reside there. Natural landscaping and xeriscaping were also carefully considered to increase aesthetic and lush greenery throughout each season of the year.

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