Littleton Traditional Garden

Built, Residential

Littleton Traditional Garden

This single-family home offered a large corner lot looking for a total landscape material overhaul to enhance this residence’s overall curb appeal landscape design. Curb appeal not only enhances attractiveness but provides lush greenery to the surrounding environment.

This curb appeal landscape design consisted of improving the overall aesthetic through the use of traditional lush perennial gardens and even some aspects of xeriscape elements. With the environment and climate carefully being considered, this property’s curb appeal can last year-round.

The property also features a broad color scheme of flowering shrubs, trees, and ground covers that elevate the property and enhance its previous existence. Not only do these plantings strengthen attractiveness but commit to our environmental responsibility.

The design as a whole aims to be of aesthetic interest in all seasons with a particularly lush spring and summer to exceedingly amply the street appeal of the home year-round. Improving the front foliage of the property impresses guests and those who pass by but also intensifies the aesthetic of the residence’s architecture itself.

Choosing specific plants and vegetation that are sensitive to the local climate is an important aspect of residential curb appeal.

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