Loveland Backyard Retreat

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Loveland Backyard Retreat

This xeriscape backyard space plays with native materials and plant palettes to create a uniquely biophilic outdoor garden with environmental responsibility and sustainability in mind. Considering the climate in this specific area of Colorado, it’s important to include elements that will last throughout the seasons within this backyard retreat design.

This backyard retreat design project features dry riverbeds, 4-season horticulture interest, steppingstone bridges, boulders, outdoor lighting, and seating areas. A lot of these elements are within the curvilinear design theme that not only add a new element to this residence but a sanctuary for its inhabitants. By cultivating specific plants, these can be used for food or medicinal purposes or even just for comfort and ornamental purposes that last through each season. Dry riverbeds not only add an element of aesthetic but provide a seamless landscape component with the surrounding environment.

The prospect refuge created by the undulating beds and canopies create a beautiful landscape, reminiscent of the native Colorado aesthetic. This backyard was able to include a sense of nature in addition to its relaxation and leisure factors for the current residents. With careful consideration in the climate of the specific area, plantings and greenery are able to survive year-round.

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