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This formal, sophisticated garden reinvents an older cottage home with the preservation of existing landscape materials to bring out the beautiful aesthetic of the residence’s historical architecture. Elevating this property’s front yard while maintaining its natural elements in this cottage landscaping project, has enhanced curb appeal and created a more welcoming, inviting space.

Formerly overgrown and unkept, this transformation of cottage landscaping has provided lush greenery and foliage that naturally flows with the surrounding environment while elevating components of the historical cottage structure itself. The importance of maintaining the already existing environment and surrounding architecture was particularly important for this landscaping design project.

A formal hedge row surrounds a mixed season blooming garden¬†containing greenery that will last year-round, throughout every season. This garden even continues to accentuate the arching patio window and chimney with vine coverage and trained roses. These trained climbing roses and ascending vines create a new ornate focal point to this resident’s front yard.

This small cottage home now features a new outdoor design with a lush cottage garden that flows seamlessly with nature yet making it unique to its neighbors. Although a small plot of land, this complete cottage outdoor redesign does not only appeal to the eyes of those passing by but enhances the historical landscape and provides remarkable environmental restoration.

By repurposing this space and the soil underneath, this design has engineered a more sustained, maintained, and organic environment leading to an intensified curb appeal.

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