Park Grove

Concept, Residential

In this compact town within the Memorial area of Houston, lay an unused and unsightly residence prior to its redesign. The space is found in a narrow gap between the garage and the house and was completely paved over with a mismatch of two paver types. A custom landscape design was made for this client wherein a southwest tequila theme is continued, from the adjacent family room space, out to their new outdoor lounge area.

To reinvent the space, a wood deck with a built-in planter was added as a minimally invasive solution, to bring life and a new aesthetic into the space. This landscape detailing was able to elevate the outdoor space and deck area while providing a reinvented space for entertainment or leisure.

The space is filled with a southwest xeric mix of plantings in stone beds with feature agaves to continue the tequila theme. With xeriscaping and a reinvented landscape design, the surrounding environment was able to be preserved while bringing new life to this outdoor lounge area.

The air conditioning system is hidden with a unique wood fence while buffering vertical plantings to allow the space to blend naturally while also able to sustain its outdoor entertainers.

An outdoor seating arrangement, with custom furniture and a decorative centerpiece, was designed to fit the intended theme unique to the client’s request. This furniture design allows the client and their guests to feel a sense of welcome and provides a sufficient area for relaxation as well as entertainment.

To tie together the space, TDG designed a custom art piece, as a focal backdrop to the new lounge area, on the newly refurbished cedar fences escalating this outdoor space greatly.

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