Poth Family Ranch

Concept, Masterplan

Located in Center Point, Texas, this 39-acre, 19th century ranch sits on the edge of a beautiful hillside overlooking the creek and large cypress grove below. The intention of this ranch landscape design project was to bring a new residential development as well as other utilitarian structures onto the site, creating a centralized complex, while sustaining the rustic Texas ranch setting that makes the site so special. With the use of natural landscaping and native plants the surrounding environment can be enhanced yet maintained within this residential landscape design.

The specific challenges of this ranch landscape design were: understanding and evade the flood zones of the creek, make the most of the micro-climates available to battle the heat, create a separation between the cattle and deer from the ornamental and sustenance plantings, and plan the space to make the most of the natural aesthetics and elevated views. The environmental responsibility to maintain this property’s natural characteristics played a significant role in the design of the property.

A variety of amenities were added to the site including a central fire pit lounge area, vegetable garden, shaded outdoor recreational space, composting, and strategically placed greenhouses and storage structures to increase environmental consciousness within this property.

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