RINO Townhomes’ Curb Appeal

Built, Commercial

This HOA curb appeal design in Denver, Colorado allowed the community to come together to beautify and enhance their street frontage on a quickly evolving road. Lush greenery was carefully placed to continuously flow along the street and allow for an attractive, natural element to the RINO Townhomes.

This design looked to use minimalism as well as contemporary style elements in compliment to the existing architecture and the demands of a highly trafficked area. This detailed residential landscape design engineered an intensified curb appeal for those living in the area or those passing by all while keeping in mind the environmental responsibility of native planting. Using plants that are native to the area will allow the outdoor landscape to last longer throughout each season.

With unique landscape urbanism ideas, a new outdoor greenery area was designed for these townhomes to enhance its curb appeal while keeping the community in mind. Balanced elements of hardscaping and soft scaping are able to keep aesthetic appeal while also being environmentally conscious.

Through a collaborative HOA curb appeal design process, the surrounding community came together and created a standout space within the neighborhood that only became more iconic as the years went on. Specific land use in this urban landscaping plan was strategically organized to enhance this property’s street appeal.

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