Stapleton Outdoor Lounge Space

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Stapleton Outdoor Lounge Space

In order to maximize this resident’s outdoor space, increasing the elements of utilization of this challenging side yard space was key in creating an indoor-outdoor connection with the home. Certainly, the design was able to provide the residence of a place for comfort and privacy. Creating a comfortable, private getaway yet enhancing the aesthetic of the space was important for this outdoor lounge design concept.

This outdoor lounge design project featured a deck with lounge furnishings that seamlessly integrated with the indoor space. This was able to especially provide an extension to the residence for entertainment or leisure. The residents are now able to have a new outdoor living space yet evidently maintain that concept of privacy from the neighboring houses.

The home now features an edible herb garden and outdoor cooking area for an inviting social hosting space unique to these residents. Accessibility to this edible garden creates a unique aspect to this home’s outdoor living sanctuary. Sustainability, maintainability and the environment were carefully considered in this design project. Essentially, a new outdoors was able to be built and reimagined for this family’s prior unused space.

This design includes aspects like environmentally conscious plantings, comfortable furnishings, an outdoor cooking area, and unique outdoor lighting. All of these elevate this lounge area to have an entirely new addition to the home.

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