Concept, Residential


This contemporary residential property in Denver, Colorado needed a reinvention of a stylistically contrasting and functionally ineffective courtyard space. The courtyard design included interesting yet practical aspects of outdoor living. Evidently, doing so essentially provided the residents with an improved additional space.

In suite with the contemporary style, the concrete sidewalks and patio were replaced with stone pavers and Ipe decking. The use of vegetation was able to break the monotony of materials with soft filtered canopies overhead and visually interesting under-story elements. This courtyard allows for a new area of entertainment while also providing privacy from surrounding residences.

The outdoor kitchen, herb garden planter, and fire table lounge area brought functionality to the space. Adding a new room to the home provided additional space for entertainment or simply for more capabilities to the residence. Correspondingly, this outdoor courtyard design project advanced this space from unusable to a fully functioning addition to the home.

The large windows of the home now look out to a beautiful garden courtyard with art pieces lit by night. This sophisticated outdoor lighting scheme created the ability to enhance curb appeal within this Colorado residence. Certainly, aspects of sustainability, functionality, and the environment were all carefully considered during this design process.

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