Willow Way

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Willow Way

This single-family home located within Stapleton of Denver, Colorado focuses on the creation of multi-functional outdoor rooms. This design included aspects for the enjoyment and leisure of the outdoors as well as entertainment of guests. Additionally, this outdoor entertainment design was able to provide the residence with an additional space for an assortment of activities.

A strategically designed outdoor kitchen with edible herb garden planters was designed into the space. The project also included a large deck with outdoor seating and flowering vines climbing overhead. Undoubtably, the design process was able to integrate components of an indoor space into an outdoor sanctuary. Doing so provided its residents with purpose that was never previously imagined.

Lastly at the deep end of the yard space, a circular fire feature was designed with a scent garden surrounding it to make for a multi-sensual experience. The circular fire feature allows for the entire family and their guests to be enclosed into one private space. Not only does this space provide exclusion from the neighbors but has added an entirely different outdoor element to the home.

Components like planter boxes, art, and perennial plantings decorate the space to make for an incredibly unique and homey outdoor retreat within this outdoor entertainment design.

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