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Spaces designed to make the everyday extraordinary.
At Tannenbaum Design Group, our designs don’t come in a box – they are the product of listening to you, the client, and studying your site thoroughly. We strive to bring beauty and function to your outdoor space because your home is more than just a house.
Our company specializes in sustainable, long-lasting outdoor designs, that are specifically tailored to each project, instead of the cookie cutter solutions we all have become accustomed to. An outdoor space is much more than just plant arrangements. From beautiful decking and shade structures to natural stone patios and walls, pools and the newest technology in irrigation solutions, we are here to help make your property into a space you will truly love.
Whatever your fancy, whether its native gardens, edible gardens, formal gardens, oriental gardens, modern, xeric, or stone, let us help you find the perfect solution for your new outdoor design to match your taste, maintenance, and water conscious needs.
Call us today, from large scale ranch masterplans to small townhouse gardens, regardless of your budget, we’re here to help with your new outdoor design.
It’s your outdoors, let’s make the most of it!


Each project has its own challenges and preferences to address. We listen closely to each client to provide the perfect solution for them, not what is easiest and most profitable like our competitors.


Our environment is a complexity of systems requiring careful understanding. We do our homework to provide longevity to your designs and health to the ecosystem.


We are a conglomerate of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise working together to create one-of-a-kind projects that push the envelope.


Site Analysis and Data Collection
Conceptual Design Studies
Design Development and Graphic Renderings
Construction Supervision

We create beautifully-crafted designs that stand out with distinction.

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